The RV Awning Bar Problem

faq1We receive this question often. Where are the Airtabs to be mounted when I have an awning bar in the way?  The attached picture helps describe the problem. This RV has ample space aft of the bar to mount, but the space is unsuitable due to the edge of what appears to be a push out.  However, even if the area aft of the bar was suitable, we do not recommend mounting there because the bar disturbs the airflow too much. We recommend mounting forward of the bar by about 5-6 inches or approximately the length of one Airtab.  This allows relatively undisturbed airflow to reach the Airtab and deliver better performance. We’d be happy to hear your comments or experiences.

2 thoughts on “The RV Awning Bar Problem

  1. How much space behind the awning bar would be “enough” to put the airtabs aft of the bar? Can the airtabs be mounted on the awning bar itself?


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