It’s true. Airtabs™ revolutionary wishbone shaped vortex generator came on the scene in 1998 and, despite the skeptics and the scoffers, has now been a fixture in the trucking and RV world for over twenty two years. Why?

“Airtabs™ work.”  A direct quote from a US fleet CEO during his CEO of the Year Award acceptance speech at the Mid America Trucking Show (MATS ) at Louisville KY several years ago. He equipped his tractors AND trailers with Airtabs(TM) and was very happy with their performance.

We have been imitated twice but these imitations do not match robust construction, quality materials and installation flexibility offered by Airtab®. During our history, several “better than sliced bread” fuel savings and drag reduction ideas have come and gone. The Sept.16 2020 edition of Transport Topics cites that Trailer Tail has ceased manufacturing operations.  

The many reasons for Airtabs™ popularity are the simple install procedures, low cost and rapid ROI.  An Owner/Operator can equip tractor fairing, trailer and have enough left over for skirts for less than the cost of a single fill up. A long haul driver will recoup the investment in savings in less than two months. No other device on the market that can make that claim. Lightweight, maintenance free, durable, simple to install, no driver involvement, always “on” regardless of wind and weather and they will never make a bad wind condition worse for any driver. 

Explore our site and order today!

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