Well Bugger Me They Work !!

Over the last 6 weeks we have been evaluating if these AirTabs work and we are pleased to report they gave fuel savings of around 2.92L per 100kms, we measured this on our regular run to Christchurch as we know this road and can almost set our watch’s by how long it takes and how much fuel we use, over past runs we would normally get to Amberley with 180-200kms towing range left on our last 2 trips with AirTabs we had 269 & 274kms left and battled heavy winds which leads me onto my next point as anybody that tows a box type trailer knows side winds are not your friend but I was pleasantly surprised at the difference these made, comfortable driving even 1 handed with gentle trailer movements rather than catching the gusts, the other thing I noticed was the trailer seemed very settled and not jittering around on normal towing,
We Highly recommend them to anybody that tows a box trailer or drives a box truck or tows a multi box unit,
Check them out at http://www.airtabs.co.nz

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