RV Testimonial

Received August 10 2016


Attached is a photo of Airtabs on our 2016 Sprinter conversion by Advanced-RV. This is the first Super High Roof Sprinter in the US.

This is our second Sprinter. The Super High Roof was much more squirrelly than our previous model.

Your Airtabs made an enormous improvement, the Super High Roof now handles better than our previous model and is a joy to drive rather than a handful.


Dave & Carol


New Video

Airtab® Fuel Savers are powerful vortex generators that reduce vehicle drag, save fuel, and improve vehicle safety by improving stability and mirror visibility in rain or snow. Airtabs™ are usable and applicable to a wide range of vehicles including trucks, tractor trailers, RVs, coach, bus, van or any square backed vehicle or trailer.

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Improved Handling and Safety

July 28 2016

Hello Jack,

My boyfriend and I bought a 40 Ft 2001 Allegro Bus two years ago. This was our first RV and we noticed as we drove it, that it seemed to toss and sway with the windy conditions or when a Semi Truck passed by.  I drove the RV as well, but I was extremely cautious since it seemed you needed to constantly correct the RV with the windy conditions when steering.  I didn’t always enjoy driving, but it gave Nick a break when he needed one.

I saw in the RV Magazine I get weekly, an ad for “Air Tabs” and started doing some research.  Everything about Airtabs sounded like something we could use for our older RV to keep it steadier.  I brought the information up to Nick and we both looked over the benefits of Airtabs.  We had a big trip to TN planned in the next few weeks and wanted to purchase these Airtabs to test them out on our long trip from WI to TN.  Nick followed the instructions and placed the Airtabs along the back of our RV, they did look nice and blended in well with our RV.

We did notice a good improvement with driving the RV in windy conditions and when Semi Trucks passed by.  In fact, the improvement was so good, that I wanted to do more driving then I usually do.  I felt more comfortable and confident driving the RV.  We felt that the Airtabs helped make it more stable on the road.  Nick felt the same way too and we really enjoyed out trip and driving our Allegro Bus with the Airtabs!
Thank you for this product!

**As you look at the Airtabs in these pictures, they are not place crookedly on the RV, Nick is a perfectionist, and with a plumb line, he found where it was the straightest area to place the Airtabs, he didn’t follow the back contour of our RV because it wasn’t straight.

As we drive on trips, we now notice other vehicles with Airtabs too.

I feel Airtabs are important for those people who do drive older RV’s and notice the sway and the constant correcting with steering as wind gusts come up or semi’s pass by.

Suzanne and Nick


We often get this question.

Question:  I have a Vee-nosed utility trailer. Are there any special recommendations for mounting Airtabs?

Answer: Yes. Mount Airtabs on the roof and sides at the trailer rear as is normal for any similar trailer. In addition, mount Airtabs at the trailing edges of both sides of the “Vee” just before they bend to form the trailer side walls. If the Vee section has an upsloped roof, mount a row at that trailing edge as well, just before it flattens out to form the roof of the trailer body.

Sprinter Van

Received May 21,2016

Recently finished a trip, over 2000 miles, with the Airtabs, that I can compare quite closely to several trips made before the Airtab installation.  Although I doubt the data would stand up to rigorous statistical analysis, I am quite happy with the results and my own knowledge of the weather and road conditions when comparing these trips.

I believe we got a solid 3 to 4 percent increase in gas mileage, about a half mile per gallon improvement, in the most recent trip compared to several prior trips.  The trips were pretty much the same: long on interstate highways and short on city driving.  When our camping club meets again this September, I will update my findings to the others who have also installed Airtabs but did not have data for comparison.

I apologize for taking nearly two years to reply; however, I wanted to make a “before and after” comparison as close as I could.  As to my picture of the installation – that was a picture of the “good” side!

As I reported earlier, even without the increase in gas mileage, the handling improvement of the van in nasty winds has made the purchase, painting, and installation efforts well worth it!


Improved Safety

We purchased Air Tabs for our 35′ Class A Motor Home. Prior to the purchase we were pushed around by Semi trucks on a regular basis. After the installation we don’t even know a semi is passing us until we see it beside us. Best investment we made since owning our RV. Didn’t improve gas mileage but the safety factor was our reason for purchasing them and I can honestly say, they are amazing!
E. Dmochowski
Deltona, FLrv37.jpg