Wind toppling big rig.jpgAirtabs save fuel. Airtabs have been doing so for over twenty years by reducing aero drag at the gap and trailer rear.
But Airtabs do much more. Airtabs fight the wind like no other aero device can. Wind is the one force on a truck that is always present, routinely ignored, yet unpredictable and often costly. Airtabs offer remarkable inexpensive passive vehicle stability improvements through airflow modification. Unlike skirts and tails, Airtabs calm the swirls that surround your truck and “smoothen the ride”, especially in gusty wind conditions. Airtabs will never make a bad wind situation worse for drivers.

How does better stability help?
Aside from better fuel economy, improved vehicle stability provides several gains in two key areas; maintenance and safety;

Reduced tire wear from fewer driver steering corrections and less trailer tire scrubbing. Reduced tire scrubbing also means less rolling resistance (less drag) and bonus fuel savings.
Better stability reduces steering gear and suspension wear and tear lowering maintenance costs.
Time between scheduled preventive maintenance in these two areas could be increased as well as predicted mean time between failures. (MTBFs)

Reduced driver fatigue through better handling, especially in challenging driving conditions. Airtabs do not add to driver duty day or work load in any way.
Reduced wind induced lane excursions reducing accident potential, losses and insurance rates.
Reduced spray and marked improvement in driver mirror visibility in rain or snow. This improves safety for ALL road users.
Drag reduction at trailer rear reduces snow and road grime accumulation. Reflective conspicuity tape and low temp LED brake and running lights are less likely to be covered in snow. Less snow means less weight means extra fuel savings. Less road grime means improved corporate image and reduced cleaning costs.
Rather than adding handling problems like other large aerodynamic devices, Airtabs fight the wind, help the driver to stay on the road and add to any bottom line.

Airtabs: Order yours today and don’t forget the trailer!
Watch the video on our home page; “What the wind costs you

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