A follow up on how Edward did the install..

Received September 12 , 2017

Hello Jack,

More on my installation.

I made sufficient 1/4″ X 2″ X 4″ blocks to fill all of the valleys on the siding then cemented them in place with caulking compound. I cut the drip edge to length and installed the air tabs on it before applying the finished panel to the rear of the trailer which had been prepped by running two parallel beads of caulking from top to bottom. I them used self tapping round headed sheet metal screws to fasten the panel to the trailer side, water-proofing each screw with clear Goop. Lastly I filled the leading edge of the aluminum with a fairing of weather-proof caulk.

We have now been about 2000 miles with the tabs and as I wrote earlier, I LOVE THEM!!! It is almost hard to believe how well they work for eliminating the vacuum of passing trucks and the associated swaying of my trailer. The only exception is when an overtaking semi passes me during a left hand curve but now I can usually time that to avoid it. I also cannot yet comment on wind effects but I will when I get some experience. Today we are avoiding Irma by staying put in a campground in northern South Carolina. That’s why the photos have grey skies and the trailer is wet.


Note: When asked why Airtabs on only two sides, Ted said he ran out of time to finish the installation before leaving on his trip to South Carolina. But will finish the install on the curb side when he returns home.

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