Airtabs and Advanced-RV

May 15 2017

Advanced-RV, a builder of custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B motor homes in Cleveland, OH, recently tested Airtabs on their Super Stealth model, which is built on the Super High Top Sprinter chassis. Compared to the standard Sprinter, the higher, smoother profile of the Super Stealth causes different aerodynamic flow lines, which change the vehicle’s response to wind disturbance, such as crosswinds, and other airflow interruptions, such as truck traffic. The installation of Airtabs on the Super Stealth noticeably improved the ride, stability and handling of the Super Stealth.

Advanced-RV (ARV) is on a continuous quest for improvement in all aspects of their motor homes, including handling. When a client reported improved handling of his new Super Stealth with Airtabs, the ARV team set out to systematically evaluate it.  With the help of engineers from Neundorfer, Inc., which conducts gas flow modeling and optimization, through both physical and computer modeling, the engineers at Advanced RV evaluated the design of Airtabs and determined they would break up the uniform rear eddy currents and possibly improve handling.  Subsequently, they installed Airtabs on a demo Super Stealth model, named Runaway, with the support of Airtab and according to their installation recommendations.

The owner of ARV, Mike Neundorfer, who had driven Runaway for about 6,000 miles before the Airtab installation, drove it another 7,000 miles after installation of the Airtabs, experiencing headwinds, tailwinds and high speed truck traffic. The conclusion, although anecdotal, is that AirTabs made a significant improvement in the stability of the Super Stealth.

At Advanced-RV, where every motor home is unique, clients are invited to be part of the design team.  Each motor home is built on a foundation of integrated technology, including all electric Lithium batteries and auto-charging system; large tanks; diesel heat and on-demand hot water systems; and, a single, integrated color touch screen information and control system.  When Mercedes Benz introduced their Super High Top chassis, Advanced RV designed the high ceiling, Super Stealth model, with ducted air conditioning.  Airtabs is part of its continuous improvement.  Advanced-RV is a Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter and builds custom motor homes on 2500 and 3500 models of rear wheel and 4×4 Sprinter chassis. They build on 144” and 170” wheelbase models and all body configurations

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