Sprinter Van

Received May 21,2016

Recently finished a trip, over 2000 miles, with the Airtabs, that I can compare quite closely to several trips made before the Airtab installation.  Although I doubt the data would stand up to rigorous statistical analysis, I am quite happy with the results and my own knowledge of the weather and road conditions when comparing these trips.

I believe we got a solid 3 to 4 percent increase in gas mileage, about a half mile per gallon improvement, in the most recent trip compared to several prior trips.  The trips were pretty much the same: long on interstate highways and short on city driving.  When our camping club meets again this September, I will update my findings to the others who have also installed Airtabs but did not have data for comparison.

I apologize for taking nearly two years to reply; however, I wanted to make a “before and after” comparison as close as I could.  As to my picture of the installation – that was a picture of the “good” side!

As I reported earlier, even without the increase in gas mileage, the handling improvement of the van in nasty winds has made the purchase, painting, and installation efforts well worth it!


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