An Amazing Improvement

Received November 28 2015

An amazing improvement and well worth the investmentimage1 I recently purchased and installed Air Tabs on my 2012 Honda Civic sedan and I can say without a doubt, they were well worth the money. Before Air Tabs I would drive down the highway (70-75mph) and I would notice my car start to wonder around the lane without much input from the steering, and on windy days I was fighting to keep out of the other lanes. The Honda Civic is a very aerodynamic vehicle due to some plastic skid plates on the bottom of the car, but it lacks any down force when it travels at high speeds because of this. I installed seven Air Tabs on top of my roof, and one on each side of the car just forward of the front wheels. The ones on the roof were a little tricky due to the curvature of the  roof but I filled any gaps with addition 3M tape. I can’t say anything about improvement in gas mileage since I have yet to take my car for a long road trip just yet, but I’m very impressed with the improvements to the handling thanks to Air Tabs. My car feels more in control, has much better grip on the highway, and doesn’t wonder around the road very much in windy conditions. I could not be happier with my purchase, Thank You so much Airtabs!

Alexander Florida

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