From West Yellowstone, Montana, June 3, 2015


I installed the air tabs on my 21′ Jayco Whitehawk Summit. Installation was very easy and straight forward as per the directions. I tow the travel trailer with a Ford F-150 Ecoboost, 2.55 gear ratio, with the towingpackage. The first 300 mile trip without Airtabs left me tired after the drive. I really had to pay attention when being passed by semis and otherlarge vehicles on the interstate. The travel trailer was completely empty as we just picked it up from the dealer.

After installing the Airtabs I’ve since put on 1500 miles of mostly interstate driving at 65 mph. The difference was totally amazing and above my expectations! The ride was really stable and you could actually relax while driving in all conditions. Semis passing didn’t push the truck-trailer around like it did prior to installing the Airtabs. Gas mileage increased by 1+ miles per gallon. I highly recommend the Airtabs for anyone pulling a travel trailer.


West Yellowstone, Montana

rv32      rv33 rv34 rv31

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