What the rest of the world is saying about Airtab.

Airtabs are now in use around the world. Click on the three links below to see what satisfied customers are saying about our product!

From New Zealand


From Austrailia



“I have just completed my first trial period which showed an unbelievable 5.66% fuel saving. The AIRTABS™ have done everything they were promised to do, plus some!”

– Ned Hill, Sun Hill Buses, Gleneagle QLD

“The initial application of AIRTABS™ to our test prime mover and trailer has resulted in a fuel saving of just over 4%.”

– Clinton Egberts, Fleet Controller, Star Freightlines, Canning Vale WA

“We  have received a fuel saving ranging between 6 and 7 per cent  doing a 900km round trip Perth to Geraldton. Air Tabs have  also added stability to the truck in windy conditions.”

– Ken O’Malley, Woorree Stockfeeds, Woorree WA

From the United kingdom


Feel free to let us know what you think of them.

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